Meet Julie Cross

Julie Cross of Prism PerspectivesJulie Anne Cross, PhD, is a performance strategist. For more than twenty years she has trained and coached leaders, managers, and teams in business, government, and nonprofit organizations, focusing on strategies for engaging performance. As a gifted facilitator and presenter, she has spoken to hundreds of people and worked with small groups, as well as coaching individuals using the Impact Prism, a behavior profile which is an expansion of the DISC Model of Human Behavior. In individual interactions and group or team facilitation, she leads others toward more fulfilling, effective relationships through understanding personality patterns and using personal strengths. Hundreds have used her behavior profile, the Personal Impact Prism, to enhance their performance.

Dr. Cross is a published author and has developed insightful, useful materials on self-awareness and personal development. Her experience in publishing includes concept development, research, writing, editing, layout and graphic design. She began working with DISC in 1997, when she regularly produced quality products that met the market's needs for a small consulting firm. Using materials she helped to develop, she trained and certified Human Behavior Consultants for them. Seeking a more flexible schedule, she began a consulting business of her own in 2001.

With the PhD in training and performance improvement, Dr. Cross has focused development research on validated leadership and management competencies empowered by a dynamic change management process. Her evidence-based research has resulted in the Impact Wheel, a new model for leading performance management based on MBA competencies integrated with a process for driving effective change. The Impact Prism dynamics integrated with the Impact Wheel offer the individual an exciting opportunity for personal and professional growth. Understanding personal strengths, developing leadership and management competencies, and increasing effectiveness in managing the dynamic change essential for growth.

Dr. Cross works with widely varied individuals and groups to enhance self-awareness, leadership and communication. She recognizes how important good relationships are for business executives, as teams and leadership skills must be developed and employed. She enjoys energetic interaction and delicate discussions that target improved understanding and relational skills to increase effectiveness in all areas of work and life.