Welcome to The Impact Prism

When light flows into a prism, it separates into a spectrum of colors. Taking the Impact Prism assessment is something like that...it opens up the colors of your personality so that you see yourself in exciting new ways:

The Impact Prism offers patterns of human behavior that you can use to increase your self-awareness and enhance your fulfillment and satisfaction in life. Use the Impact Prism to learn, understand and apply natural behavior patterns, so that you can expand your understanding of others to enhance your relationships.

The Impact Prism addresses four distinct behavior perspectives, allowing you to begin with personal observation and assessment of your own behavior and its results. Take the Profile Assessment to begin to understand how these patterns reflect who you are so that you can empower more effective performance in your work and life.

Impact Prism Consultants are trained to present interactive workshops developed around the Impact Prism. Participants in the workshops have learned how their personal strengths and struggles impact their lives in so many ways! They feel freed from past limitations, and they begin a personal transformation to become more intentional and effective. Their personal relationships have grown dynamically. As they discover and develop their strengths, their personal satisfaction, significance, and success have continued to grow.